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FSCJ - Imagine Fall (Live Example)

Marketing Campaign Page Build

FSCJ - Imagine Summer (Live Example)

Marketing Campaign Page Build

FSCJ - Jacksonville National College Fair (Live Page)

Marketing Campaign Page Build

FSCJ - Intermediary Page (Live Example)

Student Application Related Page Build

Film Festival (Live Example)

Event Information Page

International Rhino Foundation

Website Redesign w/ Salter Mitchell

Popular Democracy

Webpage Redesign


New Feature Implementation


  • SCAD

    BFA in Animation

    I received my BFA in animation from the Savannah College of Art & Design where I learned 2D and 3D with a specialization in character and effects animation. I also studied professional writing and sequential art.

  • Consulting

    Freelance Multimedia & Communications

    I became an independent contractor while at SCAD and have freelanced ever since. I've done art, animation and design work as well as writing, translation and editing.

  • Expatriation

    Life in Georgia & Japan

    I went to the Republic of Georgia as a volunteer teacher and freelanced for another year after my contract ended. I then went on to Japan for an internship with the Labo International Exchange Foundation.

  • Repatriation

    Return to the Sunshine State

    Back in Florida, I continued freelancing and started studying programming and scripting languages independently. In my free time I worked on my own projects, volunteered & joined the Jacksonville Coalition for Equality.

  • General Assembly

    User Experience Design Immersive

    When I learned about the Opportunity Fund, I created an animation for my application video and was very fortunate to receive a scholarship for the UX program, which brought me to GA in DC.

  • Next Steps

    Aiming for the Skies

    With my new skills I plan to further my creative career, pursue independent projects, give back by volunteering with underprivileged youth who want to learn about the tech field and continue down a path of lifelong learning.

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